Overwhelmed with Applications!

April 13, 2021

We’ve been a little more quiet lately as we’ve been overwhelmed with funding applications! As you may know, on April 1, Noah’s Clubhouse opened funding applications for 20 families with children with cerebral palsy.
When we opened funding applications in April 2019, we received less than 20 applications in a period of 2 weeks. This year, we received more than double the applications in 5 days! We’ve come a long way in just two short years! Unfortunately, Noah’s Clubhouse is able to fund only 20 families.
More families are becoming aware of Noah’s Clubhouse. And now more than ever, your support is needed as we want to assist more families with children with cerebral palsy in the future.
Please keep telling people about us so that we can continue to assist children with cerebral palsy 💚